Guiding your practice from a distance

The advantages of Solis vCISO services

Utilizing a virtual CISO through Solis

Your organization has its cybersecurity solution set in stone, but now what? Have you considered the ongoing support needed to keep your machine well-oiled?

Whether or not they have cybersecurity programs set up, many organizations seeking guidance turn to external resources like a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO).

Why on earth would you need vCISO services? Many people in your position recognize the importance of keeping client information secure. The benefits of using vCISO services include helping leadership-level team members keep up with risk assessments, gap assessments, policy development, and environmental audits, to name a few.

When it comes to running a smooth program, the devil is in the details. This is where vCISO services ease the tension of strategic planning, program guidance, monitoring, management, and ongoing support. 

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A comprehensive security strategy sets the stage on organizational priorities, goals, and action plans for enhancing your company’s security through audits and assessments.

Once your organization is fully aware of what is needed at a foundational level, your vCISO will begin to review policies, procedures, and guidelines, suggesting changes as needed, and as information is exchanged.

Solis vCISOs can advise you on protecting the confidentiality, availability and integrity of systems and information, and maturing your information security program and controls, instilling a risk conscious culture along the way.

Take a breather and remember, it’s not all on you. The strategic alignment between your business and Solis will facilitate program development that radically reshapes and enhances your cybersecurity landscape.

If you are interested in exploring your vCISO options, please reach out to Solis at For more information regarding the benefits of vCISO to your organization, please fill out the form.