Cyber advisory services

Solis offers a variety of services to improve your cyber security.

Cyber threats are ever-evolving and your cyber security needs are too

Knowing where you are and what to do can be challenging. Solis offers expert advice and guidance to ensure you're on the right path.

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Cyber security review
Review your current security controls & processes to identify gaps

Compromise assessment
Interrogate your endpoints to identify evidence of malicious behaviour

Penetration testing
Simulate attacks on your network & apps to understand your weaknesses

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Cyber security plan development
Outline the tools, processes and priorities to be successful

Cyber security policy development
Codify the cyber security approach for your business

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Virtual ISO
Outsource the executive oversight of your cyber security program

Security awareness training
Employee-focused training against social engineering & phishing

Managed cyber security services
Outsource your cyber security program to Solis - learn more

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