Through the eyes of an Intern

Mikey shares his wealth of knowledge gained during his internship within both the Marketing and Sales departments at Solis US.

US Internship

 Mikey, Marketing and Sales Intern

Interning with Solis Security gave me a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience and contribute to an exceptionally positive work environment. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as the condition of being with others in a way that fosters friendship and enjoyment, the concept of ‘company’ in its fullest sense really does apply at Solis. The company’s four core values, service, integrity, teamwork, and kaizen (continuous improvement) are instilled in every employee. Hence, shaping our work environment to be centered around positive morale and productivity.

Before starting my internship at Solis, I worked in customer-focused retail and service jobs. Although those sorts of business often quote the mantra of ‘the customer is always right,’ that wasn’t always how it worked in practice. But, true to its core principle of service, Solis showed a real commitment to serving clients effectively and with integrity. Unlike some of my previous roles, working at Solis feels liberating and validating. Generating a sense of pride in contributing to a genuinely service-oriented company.

Integrity, another core value for Solis, is essential for the smooth functioning of any society or business. In contrast to some of my past experiences, Solis not only preached integrity, but also actively practiced it. As an intern, I feel valued and important, a sentiment I had rarely experienced in previous positions, where integrity was often a hollow corporate buzzword.

Teamwork, Solis’ third core value, is often overlooked, but is also crucial for success. As interns, we quickly adapted to working cohesively as a team, enhancing individual strengths and forming lasting friendships within the company. Solis recognizes how important a tight-knit team is to achieving success.

Kaizen, the company’s fourth core value, emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement. Unlike employers who offer internships that only provide a paycheck and limited connections, Solis understands the importance of nurturing interns and staff for growth. Solis’ strong emphasis on continuous improvement means providing opportunities for individuals to learn, adapt, and thrive.


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My journey at Solis has been a transformative experience. Although, I have faced some personal challenges, the company’s commitment to continuous improvement is allowing me to grow both professionally and personally. Solis puts its employees in a position to succeed by staying true to its core values, and fostering an environment where growth extends beyond the office.

Solis Security is an organization that preaches and actively practices positive values. My internship experience has brought a sense of importance, genuine service, integrity, teamwork and a commitment to continuous improvement. Solis has not only morphed my professional growth, but also played a significant role in shaping my character.